Relaxing massages

Relaxing massage 60 minutes 

Do you feel tired? No mood and energy? Try a special experience massage, in which we work not only with the body, but also with the universal healing energy - Prana (in the Old Indian language, Sanskrit means breath). During the relaxing massage, we massage the back of the body with quality natural oils. Soft music and a very pleasant overall environment also contribute to the relaxation. During this procedure, we apply thoughtful and very sensitive palm strokes, which literally lull you. After the massage, there is physical relief, but also feelings of mental balance and calm. You will also have a wonderful rest, for example, after demanding physical work.

Experience the healing energy by touch

Healing energy rids the body of harmful substances, releases blockages and harmonizes energy flows in the body. Important and very interesting is the fact that Prana always flows where it is most needed. We recommend that you try relaxing massages, which are rightly considered a kind of art. You will be surprised by the pleasant feeling that will fill you after this experience. In addition, we will advise you on what to do to make this beautiful mood last a really long time.