Infra sauna

Sauna has many beneficial effects on the human body 

I like to visit the infrared sauna and then I get a massage. Since you usually get an infrared sauna in the Welnes centers and the massages are already occupied, so I decided to expand my services at the Mariánské Masařna in Ostrava Mariánské Hory with an infrared sauna. The basic program will be 30 minutes in the infrared sauna, followed by a minimum of 45 minutes of massage.

Infra sauna and its effects.

Helps from back pain and menstrual pain,, supports the treatment of high blood pressure, improves arthritis, strengthens the immune system, helps treat eczema, psoriasis, promotes blood circulation, detoxification of the body, reduces joint stiffness, reduces muscle spasms, breaks down inflammatory deposits, control support overweight, improves short-term memory, during menopause reduces nervousness and much more.

How the infrared sauna works.

It warms the body to a great depth and has a beneficial effect on our skin. Infrared sauna is suitable for pain prevention and as a support in rehabilitation, which I also missed in the hospital and spa. It is possible to order an infrared sauna without a massage, but I prefer clients who come for a massage. Ifrasauna is only for two people.