Gift cards

Information about gift vouchers in our massage parlor 

To meet your requirements, we offer you several variants of gift vouchers for massages in our establishment. Gift vouchers differ from each other only in the total length of the meeting - prepaid time in our Massage Center Mariánka in Ostrava Mariánské Hory. We will be happy to recommend the most suitable solution You can usually order gift vouchers on your mobile phone (+420) 774 550 708. Also agree on the conditions of delivery or collection and the form of payment. It all depends on the agreement. Give massages as a gift Giving a massage to someone close has become a big hit lately. People generally take more care of themselves, strive for their health and think about their ailments. Prevention is an important part of the modern way of life and gift vouchers make a significant contribution to this. Their usefulness is guaranteed and pleasure usually always comes.

What do you donate with our gift vouchers? 

Above all, you can be sure that our recipients will be very well taken care of in all respects, that our masseur will take full care of them. We pay attention to maximum client comfort and intimacy during and after the meeting. Each meeting includes a short introductory introduction, an agreed type of massage and a final assessment of the findings with advice to extend the effects of the massage. The quality of our masseur and pedicurist is guaranteed by our Marianske Masseuse in Ostrava Marianske Hory.

Gift voucher for massages Ostrava Mariánské Hory 

Our services are tailored to the current needs of the recipients. By obtaining a gift voucher, you only prepay the total time you spend with a masseur. You will never make the mistake of choosing a type of massage that is not to the taste of the gifted person. It is already a matter of personal agreement between the masseur and the client, what will actually be done during the meeting. The choice of a specific type of massage is subject to the client's state of health or mental state. This prevents the situation that it would not be possible to perform the agreed type of massage within the agreed term. 

Important warning 

When applying for vouchers, it is a condition that no meeting is shorter than 45 minutes. Vouchers are limited to three months from purchase. 

Delivery of gift vouchers 

You can arrange both personal collection of finished vouchers and their sending by mail. When sent by post, we charge the price of the voucher + the current price of the registered letter according to the Czech Post newspaper.